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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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7pm Hispanic Worship

Message From Pastor William 


A Word From Our Pastor 

“We work to feed our appetites; meanwhile our souls go hungry” 

Ecclesiastes 6:7 

Ted Kluck in The Reason for Sports tells a story about New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, who upon winning the Super Bowl, asked, “Is this all there is?” Here Brady’s team had won the greatest sporting event-well, outside the World Series if Boston is in it and he is pondering, “Is there nothing more to this? Is this all?” 

I wonder how many of us feel the same about our moments in life. I have had the opportunity to experience some wonderful moments in my own life: I met my all-time hero, John Denver back in the nineties; I have known some well regarded folks; met President Clinton (Please, no negative comments about this. Meeting a President of the United States is a big deal to someone like me who loves history). Yet, these moments and others pale in comparison to having met Jesus as my Lord and Savior. 


Don’t get me wrong these moments were pretty powerful for me. Marrying my wife was a wonderful moment. The birth of my two sons was amazing. Watching them graduate from college and pinning their “butter bars” on their shoulders was one of the greatest moments in my life. And don’t even get me started on the birth of my grandchildren, Liam and Malia. But, again, all these things and I am not diminishing their wonder pale when compared to having Christ.


So, let me ask you: “What are you chasing that is more important than Christ Jesus?” You know, my friends and you are my friends, though you barely know me at the end of our days we can take none of it with us. I know! You have heard it said that there are no U-hauls being pulled behind the hearse. I can attest to that. I have known more than a few who wanted to take it all with them, having spent their lives chasing after the material. But it just isn’t going to happen that way. If we are fortunate enough, our loved ones will make sure that we enter Glory with combed hair and a new outfit-no shoes required. 

So, as we begin our journey together I will challenge you to live your lives seeking to have the mind of Christ. I will ask you to not chase after rainbows and treasures that will rust. I seek, instead, to offer you a greater treasure– living in a peaceful kingdom wherein all that we ever hoped for is provided. 

I will also ask you to share your talents and gifts with the church to help her minister to the needs of those around us and to fulfill our obligations because I simply can’t do ministry without your help. And I promise that in return that I will give you my best effort. 

If you have been regular in your attendance, I want to thank you. If you have been missing in morning worship, but are able to come, let me extend my heart to you and invite you to return. And if you are among our faithful who simply are not able to come, let me invite you to pray for us and support us as you are able. 

Still in His Peace, 



Pastor William 







Upcoming Events



Register now for
Centenary United Methodist Church’s Mother’s Morning Out 
Preschool Program
2014-2015 School Year
Offering classes for ages 1 through Pre-K
Two, Three and Four day a week options
5 to 1 Student to Teacher ratio
for 1 &2 year olds
6 to 1 Student to Teacher ratio
for 3-5 year olds

$100/month for 2 days a week
$130/month for 3 days a week
$155/month for 4 days a week
$60 Registration fee

Program operates Monday through Thursday,
9AM – 12PM
Please call Bethany at 919-412-5355
to find out how to register. 

During August, please bring canned meats (Tuna, Chicken, Beef stew, Treet or Spam) to help supplement the Food Closet inventory. Also the Food Closet now has a refrigerator and can take any left over garden vegetables. 

We will have a painting party on
August 9
from 10:00 am -1:00 pm
in the church fellowship hall.