Centenary United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.
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Sunday Worship
8:45am Early Service
9:45am Sunday School
10:55am Morning Worship 
6pm Intercessory Prayer
10am Chancel Choir
4pm Stephen Ministry
5:30pm Youth Group
9am-12, 2-4pm Food Closet
9am-12 MMO
7pm BSF
9am-12, 2-4pm Food Closet
9:30-11:15am Bible Study
9am-12 MMO
7pm Bible Study
9am-12, 2-4pm Food Closet
9am-12 MMO
10am Bible Study
6pm Fellowship Supper
6:15pm Children's Choir
7pm Chancel Choir
9am-12, 2-4pm Food Closet
9am-12 MMO
9am-noon, 1-3pm Food Closet
9am-12 MMO
7pm Hispanic Worship

Message From Pastor David 




A Word From Our Pastor 

A good family is like the foundation to society. Good fami-lies live to serve each other and their neighboring human beings. Good families love one another. 

I am blessed to be a member of a good family. We tackle problems together and stand beside each other in time of need. Ours is not to gain but to support. 

Recently, Charline and I have witnessed the support and love of a family. Throughout Charline’s illness our families have supported us. We have traveled to-gether and prayed together. We have hugged together and cried together. We have held hands and blended hearts. 

We have also been blessed to have a wonderful church family. We thank you for all your support during these difficult days. Things are getting considerably better. Charline’s treatments are much shorter and further apart. We give God and our fam-ilies all the praise. 

On another note we are getting very excited about welcoming a tiny addition to our family. Our youngest daughter, Kelci, is expecting a baby and our third grand-child in November. May the family increase!! 










Upcoming Events


Centenary's Centennial Celebration:

How Firm a Foundation

Sunday, July 13th

One worship service at 10:55am

Lunch on the Grounds




Vacation Bible School will be held on July 7, 8, and 9 during the morning hours. It will be open to children ages three through Fifth grade. 



During the summer months (June and July) we are asking that you assist with "kid" friendly bread, jelly and peanut butter. This will be a time where there will be no free lunches or backpack Buddies to help keep hunger at bay. We are blessed with donations from Pepperidge Farm with bread but most children do not like rye or other dark breads. If you could start now adding one jar of peanut butter and jelly to your cart when you shop to have a donation to make in June or July, it would make a huge difference to the Food Closet shelves. Let's fill the shelves with peanut butter and jelly.